About Me

Welcome, I’m Dave McAvoy: Shakespeare and media scholar, film geek, and marginally good amateur homebrewer! In this website, you’ll be able to get access to virtually every passion that goes into my academic life.

Please, use the menu above to navigate through various types of materials. Interactive versions of my CV, dissertation abstract, statement of teaching philosophy, and evidence of teaching effectiveness are available under the sub-heading of “My Academic Life.” Each section appropriately hyperlinks to relevant pages in the archives of this site.

Students will be more interested in the remaining sections. Current students will find the interactive, up-to-date version of their syllabus under “Current Courses,” while past students can reach all old syllabi in the “Archive.” Sidebars on each syllabus and course-related page contain links to helpful worksheets and handouts about writing of my design, as well as links to external sites that should prove helpful, including MLA style guidelines, IU Library Help pages, and particular databases and search engines that are useful for class research.

Finally, this website also functions as a blog that I use both to work through the early stages of research ideas and to generate discuss about course materials in a digital venue. Please feel free to peruse the various posts, which fall into a number of categories.

If you have any questions about the portfolio or my classes, or if you would like to set up an appointment to meet with me outside of class, use the “Contact” page, and I will respond as soon as possible.